Nashville maternity and newborn photographer



Hi, I’m Mel.

My walls are covered in photos of my kids, nieces and nephews, and even a few here and there of my family when I was little. When I look at pictures of my son or my daughter, I want to see every fine little peach-fuzz hair and remember the way they smelled so beautiful. Having great photos of them lets me do just that.

I’m from a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA, where we played in cornfields and pretended we’d have the courage to someday go cow-tipping. (We didn’t.)

I guess that’s why I’m so at home with my family in a little town outside of Nashville (two kids in four years of marriage!). I’m constantly scoping out locations filled with wildflowers, tall grass and wide expanses of true-blue skies. I play with light—and study it—to use it to create works of art focused on you and your family, highlighted by the glint of a sunset and set against a backdrop of amber cattails.

I am obsessed with capturing moments in time (secret: I have a hard time remembering things unless I’ve got a photo to take me back!) and my obsession translates into the creation of timeless images to make up your family’s living history.

Family is the absolute most important thing to me, and my family grows with every maternity, newborn or family session I do. You’ll see it in your photos, down to the last little peach-fuzz hair.

Nashville maternity, newborn, and family photographer – who specializes in creating beautiful, organic portraits using natural light and simple, creamy, vintage details.