She’s a keeper! Happy Halloween 2013

What?  I’m actually going to blog something punctually?  Yep.  This Halloween shoot lasted about 5 minutes in the rain, so it’s a nice and simple post.  I LOVE that it was raining and we were only able to take a few photos.  There was absolutely nothing pretty or perfect about our setting, or the weather.  That’s what really makes these awesome – and memorable for us.  Josh didn’t want to go out in the rain to take photos.  He thinks I’m really crazy sometimes… but I know he always loves the outcome.  My mom was there to help us… and press the shutter button for a few!  Thanks, Baba.

Anyways, we thought this idea was perfect for us and I’m so glad we did it!  My dad is a fisherman (hobbyist and professional).  It’s his life.  So, this is really for you, Dad.  His two greatest joys are his Granddaughters and fish.  So, there ya go! 🙂  Josh and I wore our regular fishing clothes, so we didn’t have to spend any money on our costumes – YAY!  (I’m so cheap)

Here’s our “greatest catch”!