Ada 6 weeks old – Pittsburgh baby photography

Little Miss Ada having her morning snooze on Mommy & Daddy’s bed.  Maternity leave was the best 8 weeks of my life and it looked a lot like this each and every day.   I will always look back at these with the happiest heart. Enjoy!

I love this morning light


Biiiig stretch

Any picture you see with me in it…  Josh is behind the lens!  He’s so good.
 Me & my little peanut!  God is so good.
These pictures are so flippin awesome. Our little girl has the craziest faces sometimes!  Love it!

Her Uncle Mike calls her “Kermie”.  So, in my Kermit voice “Kermit the frog here!”


My favorite shot of Daddy and his little girl.  Can you see some resemblance?
Welp, I’m back to work now.  She’s 9 weeks old now and I’ll only get to spend these beautiful mornings with her on weekends and every other Friday.  Sad face.  It’s okay though, we are not a sad story, we are a very happy one and so blessed beyond belief!!
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