My pregnancy journey + Ada’s nursery

Welp, I’ve got 14 days til my due date, so I figured I should finally share some of my pregnancy photos before baby arrives!  Once she is here, I know my pregnancy will be long forgotten!  My husband, Josh happens to be extremely talented behind the lens – so he helped document the pregnancy.  I also have to give credit to Teresa Conway for the photos of Josh and I. Thanks Teresa!  I’m sharing Ada’s nursery photos too – because we love it.
6 months

We love Presque Isle on Lake Erie

This is about the time when I started wearing nothing but dresses… pants are too uncomfortable with this low baby bump.  I was not comfortable with anything wrapped around my belly.

My favorite.  Thanks for catching this boat, Josh!
7 months!  & our 1 year wedding anniversary.

on the Bayfront in Erie, Pa
My wedding rings barely fit & I don’t think I’ve had them on since then.
Ok, here I am at 8 months.  Josh’s photography.  🙂
Baby Love.
Ada’s room —  this is the bookshelf Daddy built her!  He designed it himself and made it from scratch.

and the books we received from our loved ones


Our neighbor, Kathy made her this beautiful blanket


She’s so spoiled already!!




Mayza thinks this is all for her!!

Glad you can’t see my cankles right now – because they are bad! No more photos of me until baby arrives!  I feel and look like a marshmallow.  Come on baby Grady!!  We are dying to meet you! 🙂

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